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YouTube’s looking to provide more inspiration for content creators, with its revamped “Inspiration” tab in YouTube Studio analytics now able to give you A.I. recommendations for new video ideas.

As you can see in this overview, YouTube has renamed its “Research” tab to “Inspiration,” with the updated display now including listings of search trends and “Breakout” video clips.

As explained by YouTube:

“Breakout Videos will highlight videos from similar channels that have performed exceedingly well. The goal is to give creators a more holistic understanding of channels similar to them, what content is resonating with their audience, and inspiration.”

Finally, there’s the A.I. tips element, with creators able to able to enter a topic into the search bar, which will then prompt YouTube’s A.I. system to give you ideas and notes based on what your channel viewers are likely to be interested in.

You’ll even be able to generate a bullet point video outline to power your creation effort, if you’re really stuck on what to post next.

It’s an expansion of the Ideas Generator that YouTube’s been testing with some Studio users, which provides more guidance on potential clips, based on trends.

YouTube AI insights

Which could be good, and could help to keep people posting, but it also feels a little less original, maybe? A little less creative?

In any event, creators can already get inspiration from other A.I. apps, so it makes sense to also add it here too.

YouTube says that the new Inspiration tab, within YouTube Studio analytics, is now available to creators globally, with the exception of the creators in E.U., the U.K., Switzerland, and India. YouTube says that it’s hoping to have it available everywhere soon.

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