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For years, Microsoft’s Surface series has been a series (ha!) of disappointments featuring poor performance, stuttering, slowdowns, forced resets, and installed programs refusing to run, all wrapped up in a price point entirely undeserved for its level of quality. However, a clear difference between previous iterations and the 2024 models sets the latter apart in the best way possible.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 11 are exceptional laptops that have effectively set the golden standard for AI PCs. Microsoft has finally taken all the feedback and complaints over the years and worked to improve on most of these. As a result, we finally have Surface laptops that are not only worthy of their price points but are excellent in their own right.

If Apple is smart, it will note what is now its biggest competition and adjust its own strategies to better match Microsoft’s initiatives – not only for the sake of its business but also for the larger environmental impact.

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How bad was the Surface series?

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