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Husarion’s Panther robot is powered by Ubuntu Core.


Canonical has officially launched Ubuntu Core 24, a special-purpose Linux for the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. If you want an operating system that ensures long-term reliability and security for embedded systems, Ubuntu Core 24 is for you — it comes with a 12-year Long-Term Support (LTS) commitment.

This immutable version of Ubuntu also delivers great security. It encapsulates every system component within containers, providing strict kernel-enforced confinement, seamless over-the-air updates, and failsafe rollbacks. Since lack of security is an eternal IoT problem, this alone makes Ubuntu Core 24 worth considering. 

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Canonical also has reduced the factory installation time required per device. The company managed this by enabling air-gapped factory installations to meet the demands of accelerated rollouts and secure global supply chains. 

Ubuntu Core 24 also comes with validation sets — signed documents that specify which applications and versions should be installed together. These validation sets can be updated over the air, ensuring that device updates are constrained to tested app combinations.

Because Ubuntu Core now supports Matter 1.3 — the new smart-home IoT standard — it becomes easier than ever to create interoperable home appliances. The standard now supports devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, ovens, robotic vacuums, and electric vehicle chargers. 

Ubuntu Core provides a secure and reliable foundation for running smart-home applications that are responsible not only for home appliances but also for critical infrastructure powering smart door locks, garage doors, and security systems.

The Ubuntu Core and Matter aren’t just for IoT manufacturers, though. Ubuntu Core 24 is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi devices, including the latest Raspberry Pi 5. This compatibility extends to various models such as the Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4, and Compute Module 4 (CM4). For example, Canonical shows how to use Ubuntu Core to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Matter lighting device

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For robotics developers, Ubuntu Core 24 delivers production-ready integrations for deploying solutions with the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS). Canonical has made ROS foundational snaps available for modular deployments, which are maintained by Canonical, and they include sets of common ROS packages. This modular approach enhances security through strict application confinement and streamlines the deployment of ROS applications.

Dominik Nowak, co-founder and CEO of Husarion, praised the new features: “With Ubuntu Core powering our Panther robot, we ensure reliability and security, which are critical in today’s legislative landscape. The ROS foundational snaps enhance security through strict application confinement and streamline the deployment of ROS applications.”

The new Ubuntu Core also comes with improved GPU integration, making it an ideal platform for AI on IoT applications. Developers can now leverage the GPU interface to embed a variety of applications, from AI models running inference at the edge to graphics-intensive products. This release enhances hardware compatibility through updated graphics drivers and optimizes resource utilization via a shared userspace environment.

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Canonical founder and CEO Mark Shuttleworth said, “In Ubuntu Core 24, we are excited to bring the full AI stack with a real-time kernel to the edge, enabling mission-critical decision-making for industrial, automotive, and security-sensitive embedded solutions.”

Right now, AI is getting all the headlines. Just as worthy of attention, from where I sit, is how Ubuntu Core and other IoT Linux distributions, such as Zephyr, have the potential to revolutionize home IoT applications. They both make IoT devices far more secure and put the power of innovation into the hands of home users. 

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