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Ed Saatchi was ”obsessed with the future of storytelling.” That’s what the Fable Studios CEO told me five years ago. That obsession led him from VR to virtual beings, to Emmy wins for VR films featuring virtual beings, and finally, to something disturbing.

Earlier this week, Saatchi unveiled Showrunner, an AI-based content generation platform that offers to, with selections of genres and prompts from a user, write, voice, and animate episodic entertainment. The news comes almost a year after Fable Studios released “The Simulation” a set of fake South Park episodes entirely generated by their AI. The craftsmanship and voice work is exceptional and most people would be unable to tell the difference between Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s original and these AI shows. At the time of the release, Saatchi told Forbes the result was “both exciting and disturbing“ and the company had no plans to release its AI content generation platform to the public.

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