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Create a token gated Shopify storefront to grow your audience and give exclusive content for your audience.

E-commerce and blockchain are growing interests, so why not start your own more personalized, creative experiences? WEB3 popularity has been primary focused around NFTs in recent years – creation and distribution of digital assets. Use cases of token gated communities include exclusive content and products to your members.

HOW IT WORKS: When you visit one of these “token gated” storefronts, the only way you can access the product is by connecting your crypto wallet to the page, and if the storefront sees that your wallet owns the appropriate NFT upon connection, then it would unlock the exclusive content/products. Your user can then buy the product through shopify or download for free.

Benefits of Token Gating your site include:

Additional security: For example, information stored via token gating is only accessible after a user has proven their identity and permission to access that information.
Easy-to-use: The process for users to access exclusive content is simple and fast, as users will have already linked their verified credentials to the token gated site.
Cost-effective: Token gating has low overhead costs to build a membership audience

Plan includes:
– Create/ manage Metamask wallet
– Deploy new contract for NFT in chosen blockchain
– Mint NFTs to parent wallet
– Create/ manage Shopify store
– Add a token gate to Shopify storefront
– Extra charges may apply for maintenance after 1st month
– Gas fees may apply depending on which blockchain you are minting NFTs to. As gas fees change in real time, an estimate will be provided to you for this additional cost


Generate Shopify Discount Codes For NFT Holders

Build an application to allow users who hold an NFT from a specific NFT collection to generate a discount code for your Shopify store.

This is a great way to add utility to your NFTs and reward the holders of your collection.

HOW IT WORKS: Web application will generate one-time use discount codes for Shopify stores to users who hold an NFT from your NFT Collection. Users can easily connect their wallet, and sign in with their wallet using Auth. The server side of the web application will check if they own an NFT and generate a discount code for your Shopify store if they do, and they can use this discount for checking out orders.

No. of discount codes provided in plan: Up to 50 values/ NFT holders wallet addresses
NFT holders information will be stored securely

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