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Who’s got the fastest trigger finger – or should that be ring finger? For months, Samsung and Oura have been eyeing each other from 20 paces. Now it’s finally high noon, and outside the Smart Ring Saloon, tumbleweed drifts across the road between the combatants while zoomed close-ups show their fingers (adorned with their respective smart wearables, obviously) twitching over holstered lawsuits and marketing strategies. 

Perhaps I’m being a little fanciful, but this is what the best smart ring race has felt like ever since February 2024 and the Samsung Galaxy Ring’s official unveiling at Mobile World Congress. Before then, smart rings had almost exclusively been the province of Finnish health-tech company Oura Health, with some start-ups like Ultrahuman, Circular, and Ringconn filling the gaps in recent years. And the less said about the army of cheap knock-offs flooding sites like Amazon, the better. 

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