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Screenshot by ZDNET/Samsung

At Samsung Unpacked, the company launched its latest projects, including the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch Ultra, next-generation Galaxy Z line, and more. However, the appearance of one highly anticipated product was missing — the Samsung VR headset.

Even though the Samsung XR headset did not make an official appearance at today’s Unpacked event, some subtle, easy-to-miss mentions of the headset were folded into the keynote, reminding the audience that the headset is still very much in the works.

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Toward the event of the event Rick Osterloh, SVP of Platforms and Devices at Google, went on stage and highlighted Google’s collaboration with Samsung and Qualcomm in making the headset a reality. 

“Looking forward, we’re collaborating to bring next-generation experiences across Galaxy products from smartphones and wearables to even future technologies like the upcoming XR platform we’ve been working closely to develop in partnership with Samsung and Qualcomm,” said Osterloh.

After Osterloh left the stage, TM Roh, president of Samsung’s Mobile Division, mentioned that “a new XR platform is coming later this year.”

Roh’s comment aligns with predictions from industry analysts who also place the launch of the Samsung XR headset in late 2024. Samsung first announced the partnership with Qualcomm and Google at its Unpacked event in February 2023, but since has continued to delay the launch. 

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Reports have shown that a contributing factor to these delays is Samsung’s desire to release a model that can compete with the impressive specs of the Apple Vision Pro, unveiled in June 2023. For example, Samsung has commissioned higher-resolution screens to match the Apple Vision Pro’s 4K-in-each-eye displays, according to a report

Samsung has continued to tease that the headset will be in the “not-too-far-off future.” Yet, that future has remained distant, with the initial anticipated release date of early 2024 being pushed back several times. As a result, I’d advise you to take Roh’s “later this year” remark with a grain of salt. 

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