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In industries where talent is in high demand and job opportunities are abundant, our service will streamline your job search process and help navigate your next career development. This service is free-of-charge to selected candidates, because we get paid a referral fee directly by the reputable companies we work with.

Personalized Approach

Our job concierge service takes a personalized approach by understanding your unique skills, preferences, and career goals. Through in-depth consultations and assessments, the concierge team gains insights into the client’s strengths, interests, and desired work culture. This information would then be used to curate a tailored list of job opportunities that align with the client’s aspirations.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond simply providing job listings, the concierge service will offer comprehensive support throughout the entire job search process. This can include resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, salary negotiation guidance, and even assistance with relocation logistics. The concierge team would act as a trusted advisor, so you are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the job market and present your best selves to potential employers.

This service combines personalized attention, comprehensive support and industry connections to empower tech professionals to take control of their careers and find fulfilling job opportunities that align with their aspirations.


1. Personalized Career Guidance
The service begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the client’s career goals, skills, preferences, and aspirations. This involves assessing their qualifications, experience, interests, desired work culture, and other relevant factors that shape their ideal job profile.

2. Curated Job Opportunities
Based on the client’s unique profile, the job concierge team leverages their industry connections to curate a tailored list of job openings that align with your preferences. We identify and present opportunities that may not be widely advertised, providing exclusive access and increasing the chances of finding the right fit during a career transition.

3. Comprehensive Job Search Support
These services provide end-to-end support throughout the job search process, including resume and cover letter optimization, interview preparation, salary negotiation guidance, and even assistance with relocation logistics if needed. This comprehensive support can be invaluable when transitioning to a new role or industry.

4. Insider Insights and Industry Connections
By cultivating strong relationships with top companies and recruiters, our job concierge services can offer insider insights into companies, roles, and industry trends. They can also facilitate networking opportunities and introductions, which can be crucial during a career transition.

5. Skill Development Guidance
Job concierge services can analyze the skills required for a desired career transition and provide guidance on building or enhancing relevant skills. This can increase the chances of successfully transitioning into a new role or industry.


Our job concierge services can provide valuable assistance with networking during career transitions in the following ways:

1. Facilitating Networking Connections
Our job concierge services leverages our industry connections and networks to facilitate introductions and connections for our clients.

2. Identifying Relevant Networking Opportunities
Our concierge team utilizes their expertise and resources to identify relevant networking events, industry gatherings, or professional associations that align with the client’s desired career path.

3. Coaching on Networking Strategies
We offer coaching and guidance on effective networking strategies. This includes advice on crafting compelling elevator pitches, initiating conversations, following up with contacts, and leveraging social media platforms for networking purposes.

4. Warm Introductions to Company Recruiters
Leveraging our connections with HR recruiters, our job concierge services can facilitate warm introductions between clients and job seeking in their desired industry or field. Having a recruiter advocate can be especially invaluable during a career transition.

5. Insider Insights and Industry Knowledge
By cultivating strong relationships with companies and professionals in various industries, our job concierge services can provide clients with insider insights and knowledge about industry trends, company cultures, and potential job opportunities. This information can help jobseekers network more effectively and position themselves as knowledgeable candidates.

Examples of some of the roles* we are recruiting for include:

Senior Frontend Engineer
Senior Backend Engineer
Security Engineer
Software Engineer
Web Front Eng Engineer
React Native Front Eng Engineer

Enterprise Account Executive
Business Development Representative
Customer Success Manager
Customer Experience Agent
Client Onboarding Associate
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
Head of Marketing

* Most remote/hybrid in-person positions are for United States and Canada based candidates, and some in Europe/remote, Asia/remote 


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