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Would you be interested in testing our upcoming IG features ahead of time?

You may soon have the option, with a new “Early Access” menu item now being tested in the back-end code of the app.

As you can see in this screenshot, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on a new “Early access to features” option, which would seemingly enable users to sign-up to beta test coming projects.

Which I would also assume is likely to become another element of Meta’s “Meta Verified” paid subscription package.

Meta Verified, which Meta released last year, enables users to purchase a blue checkmark for their account, along with various other add-on features, for $14.99 per month for individuals.

Meta Verified

As you can see here, one of those add-on elements is “Exclusive Features”, which, at this stage, refers to unique stickers that are only available to paying users. But it could also incorporate early access to beta features, and I would hazard a guess that this would be where this new option would likely fit in.

Though you can already sign-up to beta test some IG features via Meta’s beta testing program. Maybe, then, this could just be an expansion of that initiative, though I still suspect that having this as an added incentive to drive Meta Verified sign-ups is the more likely option.

Meta’s been tight-lipped on the performance of Meta Verified, but it recently expanded its verified business packages, in order to provide more options for brands who are willing to pay a monthly fee.

Meta Verification for Business

Which suggests that there has been a good level of interest in the initial offering. And While I don’t agree with paying for “verification”, as it dilutes the value of what the checkmark indicator was designed to represent, if people are willing to pay, and the add-ons are relatively low maintenance, you can see why Meta would be looking to expand its Verified offerings, in order to bring in more money.

Instagram hasn’t provided any official advice on this new test, but it seems like the most likely place for, and the fact that it is in advanced testing could point to a new Meta Verified push coming, sometime soon.

Would that get you to pay up? I’m guessing, for some IG devotees, it would be a strong lure.

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