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Kerry Wan/ZDNET

Samsung just unveiled its first-ever smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, at its Galaxy Unpacked July 2024 event in Paris, becoming the first tech giant to release a smart ring. It’s a big moment for the once-niche wearable technology and could spark more competition, with brands like Apple or Google jumping in very soon.

The Galaxy Ring boasts many of the typical functionalities we see on smart rings, such as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, but also comes with a host of new features bound to excite Android users. That’s right: the Galaxy Ring is available only for Android users, a loss for people in the Apple ecosystem, but a win for anyone looking to make the jump from iOS to Android. 

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Like other smart rings, the Galaxy Ring monitors your sleep, activity, and energy levels and can provide both detailed and comprehensive health insights. It’s made with titanium material and has a battery life that supposedly lasts seven days. Expect “extensive” sleep analysis, according to a press release, that uses a sleep AI algorithm to monitor and offer insights into sleep quality by tracking your movement during sleep, latency, and heart and respiratory rate.

There’s also an energy score that feels similar to other recovery or readiness scores offered by competing smart ring brands. The score takes sleep, activity, sleeping heart rate, and sleeping heart rate variability into account to provide a daily score and inform your daily activity levels. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Kerry Wan/ZDNET

The ring also comes with an intriguing quick-charging case with LED lighting on the outside that indicates the charging percentage. Plus, with the ring on your pointer finger — and thanks to Android integration — you can use the double-pinch gesture to take photos with your phone or dismiss alarms. 

The double-pinch gesture is the first smart ring feature of its kind that I’ve seen. You can also locate your lost ring through your Galaxy phone with Samsung Find, a convenient touch that sweetens the deal.

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So how do you actually buy the ring? Because it comes in different sizes, there are a few extra steps you’ll have to take before putting the ring on your finger. Here are your options. 

How to buy the Galaxy Ring

The Galaxy Ring will be available for preorder starting today at, Samsung Experience Stores, Amazon, Best Buy, and AT&T, and will be available for general purchase starting on July 24.

The ring fits sizes 5 to 14 and comes with a ring sizer to help you determine the right size. You don’t have to use the sizing kit, and you can opt out of receiving one, but the Samsung spokesperson I talked to highly recommends using it since the ring sizes are not traditional and may vary. The ring sizing kit will be sent to you first if you order on Samsung’s website, and then the ring will follow after you’ve found the right size.

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If you want to buy the Galaxy Ring off of a third-party commerce site like Amazon or Best Buy, you can get the $10 sizing kits there, then have the credit applied to your purchase once you’ve got your size figured out. 

Lastly, if you’re not interested in ordering a sizing kit online, you can just visit a Best Buy location that has an in-store ring-sizing display. You can try on a ring there, find your size, and buy one in person.

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