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Screenshot by Lance Whitney/ZDNET

Android users have long been able to see the speedometer and speed limits when using their phones to navigate with Google Maps. That same capability is finally coming to Google Maps for the iPhone.

The speedometer and speed limit display is now rolling out to iPhone users around the world, Google told TechCrunch on Tuesday. TechCrunch said that it already saw the new feature pop up in Google Maps in India early last week.

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Once you start using the latest version of Google Maps for iOS to head to your destination, your car’s speed and the speed limit will appear in miles or kilometers depending on your current region. The speed limit indicator even changes colors to tell you whether or not you’re driving within the posted speed limit.

The new display is available with Google Maps for iOS version 6.123.0, according to 9to5Google, which jibes with the latest version on my iPhone. However, the server-side update for the feature has been rolling out to iOS users over the past few weeks.

The capability should serve as a useful indicator for any iPhone owner behind the wheel. Your eyes sometimes naturally check the iPhone or CarPlay screen for visual help as you drive. Seeing both your own speed and the speed limit on the screen can help you stay within the limit and avoid a hefty fine and ticket.

Still, a Google Maps support page cautions you that the speedometer shown in the app is for informational purposes only. Google advises drivers to check their car’s actual speedometer to confirm their driving speed.

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The speedometer and speed limit display has been available in Google Maps for Android users for the past five years. iPhone owners who use CarPlay have also long be able to see the current speed and speed limit.

To turn on the speedometer and speed limits, according to TechCrunch, open Google Maps on your iPhone and tap your profile icon. Go to Settings, select Navigation, and then select Driving options. I didn’t see that setting on my iPhone; however, I did find another way to control the speedometer. Make sure you’re at the Navigation screen in Google Maps. Swipe down to the Map display section. The fourth option says “Show speedometer,” which you can turn on and off.

I tried out the new display on a drive, and both the speedometer and speed limit appeared on the iPhone and my CarPlay screen. Though I typically use Apple Maps when navigating, this may provide a bit more incentive to use Google Maps the next time I take my car for a ride.

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