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Customization for event websites and e-invites

There are a few easy ways to customize your user account:

  • Personal profile URL: Stand out with any name you want
  • Personal profile/ host page: Give some color about you and automatically organize all your current, upcoming and past events
  • Publicize events: Each one has its own customizable website to manage registrations, event details, and to share on social media
  • E-Invites: Send personalized invitations, reminder messages and more
  • Awesome showcase of all your events
  • Beautiful, fully responsive event websites
  • Easy instant registration in 1-click
  • Customize your personal host URL
  • Track all your events on one profile host page
Create beautiful event websites

Every event you create auto-generates its own unique website that you can share and publicize on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a monthly paid subscription also includes WhatsApp messages.

Main features include:

  1. Register in 1-click for virtual and/or on-site events
  2. Personalize the event website with a custom background/ photo
  3. Manage ticket numbers and ticket prices
  4. Collect ticket payments direct into your own Stripe account
  5. Provide event information such as FAQs and speaker bios
Time management made easy

Whether it’s multiple events per day or per week, you now have control right at your fingertips. Save time when you manage your guest lists, edit events, send reminder emails and text updates all from the same platform.

  • Manage registrations
  • Approve your guest list
  • Share event link to guests
  • Send personalized messages
  • Add security to events
International customer service

It’s always nice to know that you can ask questions any time, so get in touch with us by submitting support tickets that will be answered on the same work day. Get more answers on your own in our Help section

  • Very supportive customer service
  • Quick help topics
  • We read every feedback you give
A centralized hub

With the powerful tools on this platform, you can now take your events to the next level

  • Promote your personal profile/ host URL
  • Share your event links on social media
  • Manage all event information, FAQs, registration and ticketing
  • Manage guest lists with in-built CRM and messaging platform