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Our powerful suite of productivity tools includes unlimited design services and an event management platform to organize all your virtual calls, meetings or live event ticketing needs. Integrated with Zoom and Stripe, you can manage your guest lists, create event websites in seconds and schedule all your events in any time zone. When you get selected as a ZMSEND member, we help you grow your audience at no additional cost by promoting within our communities.

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Get organized with instant sign ups, or deliver personalized invites with secured registration.

Events are private when you need them to be.

Send updates to registered guests, or reminders to those who have not.

Calendar Events
Events are tracked with a timer for easy planning and shown on your host profile page.

Guest Lists
Dedicated CRM for each event to manage your guests, and approve any wait lists.

Only approved guests can view event information and interact with you.

Host Profile
Track all events on a unique host profile page with personalised URL. Events marked as private will not be seen on the public host page. 

Multi-level security
Meetings and events can be set to require different levels of approvals. Add an extra level of security to approve your wait-list.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Have apps you and your team love and rely on every day? Find them right here. Integrate in a few clicks.


Time management made easy

Whether it’s multiple events a day or in a work week, you now have control right at your fingertips. Save time when you need to manage your guest lists, edit event details, send reminder emails and text updates all from the same app platform.

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" The workplace has changed forever. Millions turn to us for a great customer experience. "

It takes work to stand out from the pack—work that ZMSEND is proud to make much easier. We provide individuals, freelancers and companies with the tools to build, host, and promote their brands.

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