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Alo Moves, the on-demand wellness platform created by Alo Yoga, is building a mixed-reality fitness app for the Meta Quest 3.

Tech studio Magnopus is develping the app. Alo Moves wants to break new ground as the
first Meta Quest fitness app employing cutting-edge volumetric captured 3D classes for a
higher level of immersion.

This technology provides lifelike instructors that guide users seamlessly through every movement, enhancing their fitness journey. The full experience app will launch later this year.

Alo Moves will also employ room mapping and object detection, enabling users to practice safely and comfortably in a virtual studio. Alo Moves on Meta Quest 3 will consist of two featured modes, designed to usher in the future of fitness.

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Mixed reality movement and mindfulness classes

Alo Moves will feature mixed reality movement and mindfulness classes with 3D instructors.

The app will feature mixed reality movement and mindfulness classes with 3D instructors. You will feel the
presence of Alo Moves instructors. These classes take place within an “environmental portal” anchored within the space. Imagine practicing yoga amid stunning mountain vistas or finding inner peace with a sound bath that submerges users into ocean waters.

The immersive visuals, coupled with the photorealistic 3D instructors – including a “mini-instructor,” which is a smaller version of the life-size instructor that can be moved around the space to comfortably reference poses or movements from any angle, create a truly unparalleled and personalized training experience.

2D Class Library

Alo Moves lets you imagine yourself in mentally inspiring landscapes.

In addition to the MR experience, Alo Moves provides access to its extensive library of existing classes. Enjoy a wide variety of yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness content projected in a comfortable 2D format.

“Alo Moves has always been motivated by a single goal: to inspire mindful movement and meditation. Partnering with Magnopus and Meta allows us to leverage cutting-edge MR technology to create a truly immersive wellness experience,” said Natasha Trindall, Alo Moves general manager, in a statement. “MR has the potential to break down geographical barriers and inspire a wider audience to prioritize their well-being through movement and mindfulness in a way that cultivates lasting practices.”

Alo Moves on Meta Quest 3 will put users face-to-face with the platform’s instructors like Ashley Galvin, Annie Landa, Bianca Wise, Kirat Randhawa, and Susy Markoe Schieffelin — spanning yoga, palates and mediation. The instructors will move with incredible detail, allowing users to walk around them and view each pose from any angle, just like an in-person class. With classes ranging from five to 24-minutes and designed for all levels of fitness, Alo Moves is catering to individual needs and time constraints.

Alo Movies wants to immerse you in a fitness world.

“Developing Alo Moves MR app was a truly inspiring project because it allowed us to push the
boundaries of what’s possible in the VR fitness space,” said AJ Sciutto, director of virtual production at Magnopus, in a statement. “Volumetric capture was the clear choice for the instructors. It allows us to create life-sized, 3D figures with incredible detail. This level of immersion fosters a deeper connection and provides a much clearer understanding of movement, especially for beginners.”

Alo Moves on Meta Quest 3 will create opportunities for daily wellness routines where users will see their strongest self come to life. More details about the final Alo Moves experience and launch date will be shared in the future.

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